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VHF Marine Radio Handbook (also called *SROCP)

VHF Marine Radio Handbook (also called *SROCP)

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23.09.2020  Our COVID Safe Plan has been approved so we can once again have you join us to sit your SROCP Exam. 

Step 1:  Purchase the Marine VHF Radio Operators Handbook

Step 2:  Read the book from cover to cover

Step 3:  Do the revision questions by clicking HERE

Step 4:  Contact us or P: 4772 1069 and book in to do your exam.

Step 5:  Sit your exam at our premises 1/9 Railway Avenue, Railway Estate.  Allow 45 minutes to sit your exam, do a small practical test and be instructed on keeping COVID Safe while on our premises.  You can sit your Monday to Friday 10am to 2pm or Saturday 10am to 2pm.  There are 25 multiple choice questions.  We can only have one person at a time sit for their exam due to the size of the space we have.

Step 6:  Pay your $110 licence fee on the day of sitting your exam.  This is a one off fee.  There are no ongoing fees.  The VHF Marine Radio Licence is perpetual.

Step 7:  Your licence will arrive in the mail in approximately 21 days.

*Short Range Operators Certificate of Proficiency