The Captain and his crew...


Gillian Pincott - The Manager  is a bit of a computer whiz and made this website without knowing what she was doing.....and yes, she is the one typing this :-) Gillian has many years experience in sales as well as office administration and has a ready supply of jokes and sends most people from the shop laughing. 

2020 - Gillian is now the only family member at the shop and looks after everything.

Running a business by yourself is a lot of hard work and she gets very cranky if you come in while talking on your phone. If you do come in and are rude (she will ask you to go outside and change out of your cranky pants!). She has no problem with speaking her mind but is completely honest and will tell you where you can get items if she doesn't sell them. 

Captain Raymond Pincott (don't call him Ray) is the official owner of the Navigation Centre and a Master Mariner holding Master Class One Unlimited as well as teaching and assessing qualifications. Raymond is also an Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) qualified Magnetic Compass Adjuster.  He is a member of The Company of Master Mariners of Australia, The Nautical Institute of London, National Safety Committee, member of the team of advisors for Australian Industry Standards. His aim is to encourage safety at sea after spending many years on the water both for pleasure and professionally. He appreciates the value of correct procedures on-board ships and when the opportunity arose to purchase the Navigation Centre in 2004 he saw it as the ideal opportunity to spend more time at home (with his lovely wife) and still pursue his love of all things nautical.

David Pincott (was one of the kids on board) is taking a well earnt break from the business for a while.  He will be focusing on his music and being the excellent musician that he is.  David will be busy with gigs all over town now that he doesn't have to come and hang with his bossy sister at work.