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Iris 50 Handbearing Compass

Iris 50 Handbearing Compass

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Ideal handbearing compass - easy to use, very accurate and compact.


  • Soft-grip armour:  non-slip and shock resistant against knocks
  • Easy to read - magnified card with 1 degree graduations
  • Highly accurate - no parallax error and very stable card
  • Non-corrosive and maintenance free
  • Compass can also be read from above like a standard compass
  • Built-in photo luminescent lighting - no batteries required
  • Wide 20 degree field of view
  • Very compact - pocket sized compass and weighs only 105 grams
  • Balanced for zone C - Australia and South Pacific
  • SOLAS-MED 96/98 approved
  • 1 year limited warranty