V-Finder Handbearing Compass

V-Finder Handbearing Compass

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Hand Bearing Compass

Item number V-FINDER

A modern handbearing compass with a clean looking design, ergonomic and ambidextrous design.


  • Two functions:handbearing & traditional compass.
  • Memory ring.
  • Field of view : 30°.
  • Photoluminescent dial.
  • Red lubber lines.
  • Weight : 90g.
  • Fluid Damped

Light & ergonomic: the smooth finish feels soft in your hand, and it will not slip, even if it is wet.

Ambidextrous design: is unique in that it manages to achieve an unparalleled level of comfort both for right and left-handed users.

Accurate bearing: Hardened pivot and double cup stone are a guarantee of long life and shock resistance of your V-FINDER compass.

Memory ring: The V-FINDER also has a memory ring, for setting the desired course.

Hi-Tech bottom cell: engineered using ultra-sonic welding, it acts like an expansion membrane, eliminating

bubbles and leaks.

Photoluminescent dial: completely maintenance-free.