Passage Planning Guide:  Great Barrier Reef and Torres Strait 2021

Passage Planning Guide: Great Barrier Reef and Torres Strait 2021

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This publication is designed to be used as part of the ship's pre-entry procedures and as a tool for refreshing the bridge team each time the ship is planning a passage through the GBRTS. An improved presentation of pull-out chartlets allow the book to be used in real time, giving the navigator an overview that can be lost on ships where the primary means of navigation is ECDIS. Updated traffic information and case studies based on accident reports are effective in illustrating best navigational procedures.

PART 1 Background and Supporting Notes to the Guide

1.1 Introduction

1.2 Marine Management in the Region

1.3 Maximum Draught and the UKCM System in the Torres Strait

1.4 Navigation in the GBRTS

1.5 Passage Planning

1.6 Climate and Meteorology

1.7 MARPOL and Environmental Considerations

1.8 Emergency Response Vessel

PART 2 Groundings and Collisions in the GBRTS – Case Studies

2.1 Groundings and Collisions – Case Studies

2.2 Traffic Hotspots

PART 3 Passage Notes

Section 1 – Great North East Channel

Great North East Channel – NE-bound

Great North East Channel – SW-bound

Section 2 – Inner Route and South of Cairns

Inner Route – SE-bound

South of Cairns – Southbound

South of Cairns – Northbound

Inner Route – NW-bound

Section 3 – Hydrographers Passage

Hydrographers Passage – SW-bound

Hydrographers Passage – NE-bound

Section 4 – Whitsunday Passage

Whitsunday Passage

PART 4 Annexes

Annex 1 – Pre-Entry Bridge Team Meeting GBR and TS

Annex 2 – Getting the Best from ENC in the GBR

Annex 3 – GBRMPA Approved Cruise Transit Corridors

Annex 4 – Reef VTS

Annex 5 – Ballast Water Management for the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park

Number of Pages: 260
Published Date: March 2021
Book Height: 305 mm
Book Width: 285 mm
Weight: 2.1 kg