Autonautic Pelorus TAX-00122

Autonautic Pelorus TAX-00122

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Professional Grade Boxed Pelorus TAX-00122

Design Features
• Anodized aluminium sighting vane
• Scale diameter 125 mm
• 1º graduation
• Gimbaled pelorus
• Wooden box incl. protection cover 210 x 210 x 180 mm

Watch relative bearings change, predict crossing situations, plot offshore fixes with a 3 arm protractor, or check your compass by sun or stars. These are some of the things you can do with a pelorus. Large ships have permanently mounted peloruses, or some that can be mounted in deck shoes. On a smaller scale, these portable peloruses will give you many of the same benefits. A compass adjuster will find this a very nice instrument when calling on an assignment.

The Boxed Pelorus is stored in its plywood box by resting on two lower gimbals and folding down the aluminium sighting vanes. For operational use, the pelorus is raised to engage two upper gimbals in the box and raising the sighting vanes or installing the sun shadow vane. The plywood box size is 21 x 21 x 18 cm and is finished in natural wood tones.

The Peloruses have a gimbaled bearing card which is 125 mm in diameter, and is marked in one degree increments. A sun shadow vane may be used for checking the ship’s compass. The gimbals are weighted for stability, and overall construction is of aluminium and polyamide.